There is nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing all those tired muscles after a particularly long and hard day at work, and in the perfect world, it would be a slew of lovely ladies rubbing down the neighborhood don, while he smokes on a cigar in one hand (lighted using nothing but $100 bills, no less) and a bottle of champagne nearby to savor the day’s takings on the streets. Well, not everyone is able to live out such a life, but that does not mean you should deprive yourself of a massage, right?

Those who prefer their bodies to be massaged remotely can do so via the conceptual eSSage – where it is remotely controlled over an Android or iOS app, allowing your finger (or stylus if you use one) to “work” those nodes on the touchscreen display, letting the eSSage do the massaging work in the designated in response. Alternatively, how about letting someone else take up your touchscreen device and choose the spots to be massaged for you? The thing is, will it ever make the jump from concept to reality?

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