I am quite sure that those of us who are old enough to play the original Metroid on the NES were pretty much shocked when we realized that Samus was not a testosterone-filled hero, but rather, a more tender version in the form of a female. Females in the army have come a long way since the days of the NES, and female soldiers in the U.S. Army could potentially ditch body armor which were specially designed for men down the road, by field-testing a new female body armor from next summer onwards.

Apart from fashion sense when it comes to females wearing male body armor, there are also the practical issues to worry about. For instance, the male body armor’s broad shoulders restrict one’s arm movements while the front armor plate’s length cuts into leg circulation whenever the ladies sit. Female body armor prototypes based on sizing and fitting tests are being worked on, so we could get a modern day Samus in probably a few years’ time.

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