Anyone who has had played one of those retro titles on the iPhone, iPod or iPad would realize that nostalgia does have its fair share of value, but then again, playing something old school on a new device is not exactly the best way of getting around it, although it is far more mobile than being tethered to an old NES console, no? Well, there is just something about a physical controller that does the work of gaming better than a touchscreen device. This is where the GameDock Kickstarter project comes in handy – it basically lets you play classic games the way it is meant to – with a couple of controllers and using a TV.


With the GameDock, you basically dock your iOS-powered device to it, and connect the GameDock over to a TV, where you are then presented with two controllers to handle your gaming needs. With two-player support and full 1080p HDTV output, it is not too easy to fall in love with it, no? Having achieved around 20% of its funding goals to date, there is still some time left to go – but will it be able to achieve its goals? Only time will tell.

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