All right, so everyone in the industry, no matter which industry it is, wants to play the role of being a pioneer, and in other words, being first. GM (General Motors) and Ford, very much pioneers in their own right, are right now in a rather tight race to roll out the first “robot” car in the world – which would actually be self-driving robot cars. Which of the two do you think will be able to work out their vision in due time? Only time will tell, and folks might want to place their bets as well with the local bookie on everything tech.

Ford and General Motors did mention that they have far more than just a passing interest in semi-autonomous technology, and both automakers did invest plenty of money to make sure that this particular vision of theirs might one day, launch, too. This robot car is said to rely on an integrated sensor that will monitor lane and traffic markings, making adjustments to the speed automatically as well so that it is capable of matching the flow of the traffic. Auto experts do think that such a feature will help mankind achieve easier transportation easier, not to mention see a reduction in US fatalities.

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