In a move to commemorate America’s independence today, Google is launching a special doodle. The latest Google doodle, as you can see above, celebrates the Fourth of July with the words “This Land Was Made For You And Me”. And to spice up the tribute, you can also hear Woody Guthrie’s classic folk song “This Land Is Your Land” serenading in the background.


But it appears that Google is also campaigning for a different kind of freedom – an open and free Internet that is. Below the doodle, you will find the “Celebrate freedom: Support a free and open Internet” caption that has a hyperlink leading to a video campaigning for Internet freedom. The same video is posted by Google via its official blog.

And the message is pretty clear, political, and powerful. “The Internet is a powerful platform that makes it easier for people to speak, to assemble, and to be heard. This is true no matter where freedom is taking root. Today we’re sharing a video we made to celebrate our freedom and the tools that support it. Please take a moment to watch it, share it with your friends, and add your voice,” Google said. You can check out the video here.

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