It is safe to say that Apple has managed to turn the iPhone into a unique portable gaming machine, and the latest patent would usher the possibility of your humble iPhone to be more than just a portable gaming machine. Rather, this patent would mean your iPhone could eventually end up as a game controller for a console. The most recent patent application which was published today pointed to Cupertino’s intention of relying on a typical dual-analog controller in order to have it interface with Apple TV as well as other iOS-powered devices. The documented controller does seem rather similar to what Sony offers in the form of the DualShock, boasting a couple of analog sticks, a quartet of shoulder buttons, and four face buttons – not forgetting the possibility of Start and Select buttons, of course.


Are we talking about potential new device known as the iController? Perhaps, as this patent also talks about the possibility of transforming the iPhone into a universal remote, allowing it to operate with video game consoles, and in that particular diagram, the system does seem remarkably alike to an Xbox 360. Bear in mind that all patents might never end up as reality, but it does point towards Apple’s propensity towards the gaming industry which they might get involved in later.

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