Thank the heavens for this thing known as acronyms in the English language – iRobot has just announced the Remote Presence Virtual + Independent Telemedicine Assistant, or if you prefer to not get your tongue all notched up in twists, then RP-VITA would do just fine. Basically, the RP-VITA project intends to merge the best of iRobot’s AVA telepresence units with InTouch health’s own bots, resulting in an extremely dummy-proof system that enables physicians to perform care for patients remotely – without having to read through tome after tome of manuals so that they can figure out the complicated technology behind such an idea.

The RP-VITA will come with a modern day mapping and obstacle detection and avoidance technology, where one relies on an iPad user interface to achieve control and to interact with various diagnostic devices, not to mention access electronic medical records along the way. This remote rig will also be able to navigate to specified target destinations autonomously, although it still requires FDA clearance at press time.

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