BioWare has confirmed that a main segment of one of Mass Effect 3′s Extended Cut endings is true – all of it. Of course, if you are a fan of the franchise, you might opt to do the same as those three cute little monkeys, that is, to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. For those who are not ready to read about the major spoilers involving Mass Effect 3’s Red Ending details, do not read on after the jump. The rest are very much welcome to.


Basically, BioWare confirmed that Shepard did not kick the bucket just yet with the Red Ending of Mass Effect 3′s Extended Cut. It was spotted at the end of the game that Shepard was gasping like a fish out of water right before the credits run, leading many to speculate that this might spell the permanent end of Shepard, but according to BioWare’s Tully Ackland, “You may notice that in the ‘Shepard lives’ ending, the love interest hesitates to place Shepard’s name on the wall, and instead looks up as though deep in thought. This is meant to suggest that the love interest is not ready to believe Shepard is dead, and the final scene reveals they are correct. As the Normandy lifts off, there is hope that the love interest and Shepard will again be together.”

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