Digg – the website that made plenty of waves many years ago, but then suffered a huge decline (to the ignomity of being sold for just $500,000), is back just like Arnold. Betaworks acquired Digg around one and a half months ago, where this revamped Digg website and iPhone app have rolled out – a day ahead of schedule, to boot. Current Digg CEO John Borthwick did mention to the BBC that the old Digg was way too expensive to run, and this streamlined version that sports a totally new code base and fresh infrastructure is a whole lot more affordable. In fact, Borthwick claimed that it costs around “one-fifteenth to one-eighteenth of the cost” to maintain. Someone should hire him in the government to trim down those bloated departments!


Do you like the new look Digg, or are you still pretty much nostalgic about its previous iteration? I guess regardless of nostalgia and a yearning for the first time we stumbled upon (pun not intended) Digg, we need to move on with the times, and I would want to wish the Digg community the very best.

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