Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been doing their bit to help save lives in the military for some time already – where pilotless vehicles ply routes in the air over battlefields in order to scout the enemies’ area as well as make strategic strikes against their high profile targets. Enter this particular futuristic robot plane which is capable of taking off, make a decent landing, and even avoid bad weather without the need for any human intervention at all. At this point in time, this unmanned passenger plane is undergoing a series of trials which intend to test robotic pilots’ abilities so that they need not collide with other small aircraft.

This might be the future of air travel according to the engineers behind this new technology. To date, unmanned aircraft have seen rather limited military use in war zones, including Afghanistan. British police have relied on small remote controlled models that have been fitted with surveillance cameras. On-board cameras are used to scan the sky for potential hazards, where the robotic pilot is capable of spotting another aircraft, in addition to hot air balloons and also parachutists so that one can take evasive action.

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