Samsung has released the Samsung EX2F, a compact camera that comes with an f1.4, 24mm, lens which is the widest aperture in its class. On the inside, the light captured by the lens lands onto a 1/1.7” 12 Megapixel BSI CMOS sensor which is relatively large and very sensitive at the same time. The net result is a camera that should do extremely well in dim lighting. And because low-light is the new holy grail in consumer photography, this is a big deal. If you are not familiar with the focal length lingo, let’s just say that an f1.4 lens will capture four times as much light as an f2.8 lens, which is already considered to be very good.The second thing that caught our attention is the level of manual control that the user can have with the Samsung EX2F. Although most people want to be able to point and shoot something that represents accurately what they see, the manual control feature is of particular interest for savvy photographers who will want to use the exposure time and depth of field control to highlight a subject in the scene. Manual tweaks can be performed quickly and accurately, thanks to the front wheel and the dual-dial physical controls. Users can also capture RAW images if they want to.

Because the camera is WiFi-enabled, the photos can be shared to a computer, over the Internet to a photo hosting service and to social networks such as Facebook. Samsung also supports email, which is the most universal sharing option. Just like previous Smart Cameras from Samsung, the EX2F can also link to a smartphone and use it as a very fancy viewfinder and remote control.

Finally, the EX2F comes with a 3″ swivel screen that lets you capture images at odd angles and in positions that would be challenging with cameras with a fixed display or with optical viewfinders.

The Samsung EX2F is a surprising combination of compactness and  powerful photography. Samsung has created it not to compete with DSLR cameras, but to complement them. The camera is designed to work for point-and-shoot photographers, but also for the more savvy photography enthusiast who wants total control on a shot. And there’s some truth in that: the best camera is the one that you have when a great shot opportunity arises. the smaller it is and the more likely it will be with you.

Specifications highlights

12 Megapixel BSI 7.44 x 5.58 mm sensor (BackSide Illuminated)
ISO 80-3200
24-80mm, f1.4 lens
3″ AMOLED display
1080p 30FPS video recording
Simultaneous photo and video recording
Optical and digital image stabilization

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