Following Apple’s statement yesterday claiming that Samsung owed the Cupertino-based tech giant a whopping $2.52 billion payout for substantial damages due to patent infringement, the South Korean behemoth is now claiming that Apple could not possibly have sold a single iPhone without the benefit of its patented technology. Samsung said that it has been researching and developing mobile telecommunications technology since at least as early as 1991 and invented much of the technology for today‘s smartphones. “Indeed, Apple, which sold its first iPhone nearly twenty years after Samsung started developing mobile phone technology, could not have sold a single iPhone without the benefit of Samsung‘s patented technology,” Samsung said during the trial brief.


Additionally, Samsung also claims that Apple has admitted in internal documents that its strength is not in developing new technologies first, but in successfully commercializing them. “Samsung does not need or want to copy; rather, it strives to best the competition by developing multiple, unique products. Samsung internal documents from 2006, well before the iPhone was announced, show rectangular phones with rounded corners, large displays, flat front faces, and graphic interfaces with icons with grid layouts,” Samsung added. Things are indeed heating up as both tech giants prepare for the highly anticipated trial next week  in San Jose, California. You can read the rest of Samsung’s statement here.

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