Samsung VS Apple

According to Apple Inc., they are entitled to approximately $2.525 billion of damages in its court battle against South Korean conglomerate, Samsung Electronics Co., concerning numerous patents that see action in the kind of technology that our modern day smartphones and tablets embrace – which of course, will include the synonymous Apple products, the iPhone and the iPad. A partially redacted filing today with a federal court in San Jose, California, saw Apple mentioning that they strongly believe that Samsung owes them “substantial monetary damages” as Samsung illegally “chose to compete by copying Apple.”

Damages, which will also include reasonable (now this is definitely going to be a relative term) royalty damages, will hit “a combined total of $2.525 billion.” Not only that, Apple will continue to look out for various ways in order to obtain a permanent injunction so that future violations will be relegated to a thing of the past. I suppose there is another way Apple can stay afloat and alive in the years to come, just sue the pants off all the other companies in the world and start living off damages paid – assuming they win each court battle, of course.

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