The world of robotics has yet another member join their ranks, and this one, known as the Samsung Smart Tango vacuum cleaner robot will help mop up whatever dirt or debris around your home even when you are not around. Robotic vacuum cleaners are definitely not new, as they have been around for a fair number of years already, but it is nice to see companies like Samsung make and introduce improvements to existing models. The Samsung Smart Tango will feature more abilities compared to current robotic vacuum cleaners, and Samsung hopes that it will be the blueprint for housekeeping robots down the road, similar to the kind that you watch in science fiction movies. The thing is, will it ever arrive at R2-D2 like status?

Measuring slightly more than 3″ in height and 14″ across, the Samsung Smart Tango will tip the scales at slightly more than 7 pounds. It has undergone rigorous testing before being released to the market, stepping over threshold-like obstacles 50,000 times with no damage prior to shipping, courtesy of its dozen high-performance sensors that allows it to avoid obstacles cleverly while performing a more thorough cleaning session. No idea on pricing, but it sure as heck looks smart enough to warrant a purchase for homes with busy adults! [Press Release]

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