Google’s Street View is not exactly controversy-free, but that does not mean it is a bed of roses, either. For those of you who have a great love for ASCII art, then you might be interested to hear about this particular method of rendering Google Street View in what else, but ASCII art. Your eyes will not exactly blink normally as they might end up hurting after the experience, but it is definitely something that is worth looking at. You can opt to view the world in real-time ASCII “art” thanks to the wonders of WebGL, or you can opt to view their pre-coded shots from the Google Street View Panorama library. Those who opt for the live option are able to look at their map, attempting to get a view of the location. Should it find you, it will rotate automatically for you instead of relying on the standard arrow, while furnishing you with a green color mode for added clarity.


Needless to say, there are some limitations attached to this particular project, but then again, it is expected, don’t you think so? Making pictures using ASCII is not exactly a walk in the park in the first place, and this would lean more towards being an art project than anything else at this point in time.

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