When Apple co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs succumbed to his ordeal with pancreatic cancer in October last year, Robert X. Cringely announced that he had found the interview he did with Steve Jobs for the Triumph of the Nerds PBS series in 1995. And because only 10 minutes of the interview were used in the Triumph of the Nerds series, the rest of the one-hour interview was believed to be lost. Thankfully, it was discovered in a director’s garage last year and since then it has been restored and produced into a 70-minute film that played in Landmark theaters back in November.

While the film is still being played in selected theaters, you’ll probably be happy to know that the “Lost Interview” film is now available on iTunes for only $3.99. “My little film about Steve Jobs has finally made it to iTunes (YouTube as well!) as a $3.99 rental, but you wouldn’t know it. Deeming the film too controversial, Apple has it on the site but they aren’t promoting it and won’t. The topic is too sensitive you see. It isn’t even listed in the iTunes new releases. You have to search for it. But it’s there,” Cringely said.

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