What you see above is the first in a series of full color images in 100,000 dpi glory, and just before you scratch your head wondering where can you purchase a printer that is capable of doing so, you ought to know that this is made possible only with the help of nanotechnology. The 100,000 dpi full color images was made possible thanks to researchers over at A*STAR’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) which is located in the tiny red dot known as Singapore. The presence of nanotechnology has resulted in such high-resolution color images which are several times sharper compared to typical methods which rely on a metal-laced nanometer framework.

Standard inkjet and laser jet printers are said to be able to deliver up to 10,000 dots per inch, this nanotech-based technique has a theoretical limit which your eyes will not believe – 100,000 dpi. It is more a relative to lithography compared to your standard issue modern printing methods, and might just be the future of high-resolution reflective color displays and high-density optical storage. The advertising industry would definitely want to have something to do with it, for sure.

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