Sometime in the middle of May this year, we talked about how a potentially game breaking bug has been discovered in Diablo 3, only to have the good people over at Blizzard fix it. Well, fast forward to today, and you would know that earlier in the morning of August 24, Diablo 3 once again stared at one of its opening day bugs in the face without any seeming effect in fixing it, at least not until later. Well, Error 3006 is back yet again, which means gamers who want to connect to play the game might not be able to do so if they are affected by this Error.

Not only that, to continue from where Error 3006 left off, it might also have some sort of connection with the Auction House in terms of reliability and what not. One ought to bear in mind that the Auction House problem has yet to go commented on by Blizzard staff back when this story first broke. Many servers might be up and running now, but there are folks who realized that the Diablo 3 Auction House just ain’t working as intended. Keep our fingers crossed that

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