There are some of us out there who feel far more comfortable working on a touchpad than with a mouse since we have already gotten used to the idea, but there is also another camp which thinks otherwise, and cannot work on a notebook if there is no mouse accompanying it. The thing is, notebook mice these days tend to be wireless and have gotten rather small in size for the sake of portability, but they are still not exactly tiny enough to pack without taking up no extra net space in your luggage.

Enter this conceptual foldable mouse which will actually unfold into the form factor of a disc, letting you stash it away into your optical drive whenever you travel. Seems to be a decent enough idea, until one realizes that these days, there are a fair number of notebooks from the Ultrabook range that do not come with any kind of optical drive due to the slimming down design process, making this particular idea viable for older generation notebooks, or for folks who prefer to purchase entry level notebooks. Now, unless this is powered via USB, it would be interesting to know just how this concept is going to run on since there are no batteries flat enough at the moment, save for the mentioned theoretical organic radical battery above.

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