Google is moving from being an information engine to becoming a knowledge engine when it introduced Knowledge Graph earlier this year. Today, at a small event in San Francisco, the Internet search giant broke the news that it will be launching its highly-anticipated Knowledge Graph worldwide beginning tomorrow. Amit Singhal, head of Google search, said that the launch will be rolling out slowly to all English users worldwide. Google also announced a redesign of the Knowledge Graph that will help users search through items on Google.

In an example shown, a quick search for “Chiefs” revealed present information about the football team in the U.S. as well as the rugby team in Australia. SearchEngineLand notes that the problem with rolling out Knowledge Graph on a global scale is that it will be harder to make predictions because the same word can mean different things. Google also showed its improved expandable knowledge graph, now called the Knowledge Graph Carousel, and it showed how users can pivot the results around the sets of things being searched. “We’ve begun to gradually roll out this view of the Knowledge Graph to U.S. English users. It’s also going to be available on smartphones and tablets,” Singhal previously said.

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