Most soldiers who fight on the battlefield wear some sort of face paint for camouflage purposes, and these tend to comprise of oil and wax, which will actually melt when exposed to intense heat. As we all know, the battlefield is not a place for the faint hearted, where it comes with its fair share of bombs and artillery which deliver intense heat and all round destruction. US scientists have managed to come up with a new kind of camouflage skin paint that has been touted to be able to withstand intense heat. This new face paint is touted to be funded by the US Department of Defense, and apart from the obvious camouflage purposes, it is meant to also deliver protection to the soldiers’ faces in the event of explosions, with firefighters also privy to such a benefit.

The research team claims that this new face paint can resist temperatures of up to 600C, which is as hot as a burning cigarette, although it will not last indefinitely as you have 15 seconds on the clock. It might not sound like much, but bear in mind that heatwaves from a bomb blast lasts for approximately two seconds, and is hot enough to cook skin.

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