The wonderful world of LEGO, where these Danish-made bricks are able to fit perfectly with one another without missing a beat. Isn’t it a wonder that this can happen, and have you ever given thought to the amount of precision that has gone into the manufacturing process? Well, here we are with yet another LEGO creation that ended up as a Go-Kart, except that you will not find Mario sitting inside one of these puppies, but rather, it will be a human buttock that fits perfectly into the driver’s seat.

The brainchild of Eric Steenstra, this LEGO go-kart is not only lovely to look at, it is also able to run just like a regular go-kart, although I am not quite sure of the safety measures taken should this actually run into a brick wall or something. Right now, it is still a rough work in progress, as there is no steering capability at all, but I am quite sure that Eric is going to get whatever shortcomings fixed in his very own time.

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