Check out this cute little Lego Submarine in action in the video above, and you will be left scratching your head and wondering just how the entire thing was built from scratch. Aren’t Lego pieces, while being able to interlock with one another, do not exactly offer a waterproof and watertight solution? I mean, you can reconstruct the Titanic’s hull from nothing but Lego bricks, and she need not hit an iceberg to submerge to the depths of the ocean. Still, Lego builder “Brane” managed to discover a way of creating a Lego submarine which is fully capable of navigating through an aquarium, but gave no promises of it being watertight. What made it more attractive was the fact that you could control this remotely using an Xbox controller, sporting an underwater time of approximately 20 minutes. If only Batman had one of these submarines as part of his arsenal…


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