Did you watch Pixar’s Cars and its sequel? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to know that this motion picture has its fair share of following, especially among the younger generation. For those who have a soft spot for Lightning McQueen, you might want to check out what this doting father of Evan has to play with before Christmas. Evan’s dad, Sean, who works at FFTEC Motorsports, decided to reuse this car and make some modifications that would see it carry a 500W, 0.66 horsepower electric motor, in addition to an aluminum rear chassis, dual sealed 24V batteries, disk brakes, and a throttle modulated variable speed control with a reverse and Sparco battery cut-off switch.

No idea on how fast this particular vehicle is capable of moving, nor how much it cost Sean to perform this modification, but it seems that Lightning McQueen is back in the game, and Evan ought to be extremely appreciative of his dad’s efforts to refresh what many others would have just thrown out to the trash a long time ago.

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