Has Christmas come early to those of you who always wanted to pick up a Barnes & Noble NOOK tablet, but never really gotten around it as the price was still too prohibitive to fit into your monthly expenses? Well, we want to play the role of harbingers of good news by informing you that prices for Barnes & Noble’s NOOK tablet and NOOK Color are at their lowest ever – with the former starting from $179 upwards, while the NOOK Color will start from a mere $149. I would like to think that this is partly due to the fact that Barnes & Noble know the potential threat of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet which is strategically priced at $199 a pop for the most basic model, and would like to gain some ground back with the latest discounts given.

It would also mean those who are preparing for a new school season would be able to take advantage of these price reductions and bring a new NOOK device to school with them. After all, with a NOOK device, you can check out Barnes & Noble’s expansive NOOK Store that carries over 2.5 million digital titles, while accessing your NOOK content from a wide range of popular devices as well. [Product Page]

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