I know that I am late to the game, but I watched “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” just last night, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself, although the idealistic Sheikh does have his fair share of detractors when it comes to spending his money. Surely it is a more noble idea than buying out a football (soccer) club, right? Well, for those who feel that they cannot trust the banks or the money markets to grow their $10,000 worth of savings, here is an alternative vehicle that you might want to consider – the original iPhone from Apple in its unopened glory, where it has been slapped with a $10,000 price tag on eBay.

Forget about the latest 4G LTE networks, this puppy has 2G connectivity! eBay seller “samsonbible” claims that what you see here is a brand new, shrink-wrapped 8GB iPhone from 2007, which is deemed to be a “vintage” item in terms of technology these days. Do you think that this puppy will be worth far more than what you paid for today some years down the road? I mean, it is not as though this is Action Comics #1 or something, and there is no guarantee that 50 years from now when you open it, it will even turn on, while you can still read Action Comics #1 half a century from now.

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