A  new court document that was shown on Monday this week sheds a new light into our previous report regarding Best Buy customers returning units of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for mistaking them to be an iPad. The court document used in the Apple versus Samsung trial, points out to a survey conducted by Samsung last year that examined the reasons why Best Buy customers have returned some units of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

Contrary to our previous report, the data gathered from the survey reveals a different story. Out of the 30 Best Buy stores surveyed by Samsung across New York, Los Angeles and Florida, the data showed that 25 percent of the returns were due to malfunctioning hardware while only 9 percent of the customers actually exchanged a Galaxy Tab 10.1 for an iPad 2.

The malfunctioning hardware reportedly included poor Wi-Fi performance, system freezes, and touch screen problems. The survey also revealed that the rest of the returned units are due to some issues with Android as well as the tablet’s selection of apps. Apple is now using the data from the survey to convince the court and the jury that Samsung copied its Galaxy Tab design from the iPad. Stay tuned for more updates.

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