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If you’re wondering which carriers will be rushing to get their hands up RIM’s upcoming Blackberry 10 devices, it seems that Sprint may or may not be one of them. In a recent statement released by the carrier, spokesperson David Owen was quoted as saying (via Phonescoop):

“I would not count RIM out. RIM keeps reinventing itself. BlackBerry 10, as we’ve looked at it, has some really good characteristics. We’re excited to see what it can do. The challenge is RIM took on everything. They took on the entire gambit: the storefront, the operating system, the manufacturing, and this caused them to be slow in reacting to the changes in the market. We don’t think we will see RIM get back to the levels they were two years ago. So we have to figure out where they’ll be going forward”

While it does appear that Sprint is “excited” about the possibilities of Blackberry 10, it certainly does not sound like they’re rushing to get their hands on future Blackberry 10 devices, but since we’re not exactly in the business of predicting the future, we’ll just leave it as it is and wait and see if any Blackberry 10 devices make it into Sprint’s portfolio in the future.

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