If you love robots, then I’d like you to meet Stompy. Stompy is an 18-feet wide, 4,000 pound, 6-legged hydraulic robot that was recently launched on Kickerstarter. Before we get to the Kickstarter thing, Stompy is actually the brainchild of Project Hexapod, a team of three instructors and a group of students based in Somerville, Massachusetts. While you can pretty much imagine all the fun that you can have with this robot as your ride, its creators say that Stompy can do more – walk over broken terrain and mountainous areas, and carry 1,000 pounds of load at 2-3 mph, or up to 4,000 pounds at the speed of 1 mph.

A practical application of the robot will probably be in disaster-prone where navigation is hard. So far the team was able to design 80 percent of Stompy’s chassis, get the engine and hydraulic power unit running for the full scale robot, develop low cost computer controlled hydraulic joint designs, and more. But in spite of that, Stompy still needs more funding. If you wish to learn more about the giant robot of your dreams, you can check it out via Kickstarter. “Once we finish the robot, we’ll have a series of demo days and festivals where we give rides, let people drive, stomp things for fun, and more!” the team said. 

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