Watches can be a defining piece of fashion, especially if you know how to pair a particular watch style with a particular look. While concept watches might not necessarily be designed in your typical watch fashion, they are pretty interesting to look at and probably appeal to those with more eclectic fashion sense. That being said, Peter from the UK submitted a watch design recently to the folks at Tokyo Flash which he has dubbed “Subway”. As you can see pictured in the rendering above, the way the watch has been laid out is pretty similar to the sort of layout you can expect while studying a map of the subway system in any country.

Reading the time itself can be a bit tricky, although according to its designer, simply by pressing a button, the watch will light up and animated chain links will show the appropriate time, i.e. starting at 1, moving on to 1, then 3, then 0 to display 11:30. As with novelty watches or unique watches, we guess these have to do with its looks more than its practicality, but if you wouldn’t mind seeing the Subway watch made into a reality, head on over to Tokyo Flash’s website to vote on it!

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