So we heard about how an internal memo going around T-Mobile was preparing to train employees to “sell against the iPhone“, but here is something related to the iPhone, albeit slightly different as well. We are referring to the inclusion of microSIM kits for the iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 4S under the T-Mobile umbrella which would mean that there would be an upcoming announcement concerning the network. It makes perfect sense if the rumor of “selling against the iPhone” were to turn out true, assuming that T-Mobile will miss out on the upcoming iPhone 5 boat, which means that the network will need to make up for the loss in potential subscribers due to the lack of a highly anticipated handset under their sales roster, and what better way to do so than entice folks who do not need to be at the cutting edge of technology all the time?

We do hope to cover upcoming developments concerning the emergence of these microSIM kits, if any, so stay tuned and watch this space!

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