We’ve seen the amazing things that 3D printers can do and if you’re looking for more examples, the photo above can probably be added to that list. In case you’ve never played the game Portal before, the image is that of replica of the gun in Portal, or to be more precise, the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. This replica was created using 3D printing technology by deviantArt member, Melissa a.k.a. techgeekgirl.

The exterior of the gun was printed based on files from the game itself which might explain how it looks so detailed. Much like other Portal gun replicas, Melissa’s version will glow blue and orange and will emit sound as well. Pretty impressive we have to admit! If you’d like to see it in action, you can check it out in the video below, or you can head on over to Melissa’s deviantArt page for more pictures.

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