Unattended and bare manholes on roadsides can be very dangerous if there are no warning signs accompanying them. Most of us don’t tend to look at our feet or at the ground all the time to be aware of a gaping hole if there is one on our way.

Apparently, a bar worker shown in the video below makes the same careless mistake, only to meet an unfortunate accident. The man is apparently trying to switch channels on the TV on the other side of the bar and in doing so, hastily walks towards it. Little does he know that there’s a 10-foot hole gaping a few feet from him. Once he reaches the hole, he falls right through it.

The hole was actually that of a small elevator shaft which is used to bring up towers and other similar stuff from the basement. The video shows different personnel rush to the hole as soon as the worker, named Eoin, falls through it. One of them apparently dashes for the basement while the other puts back the ‘lid’ of the hole, which is casually resting on a side until now.

Luckily for Eon, despite having taken the fall, he was able to get away with mildly sprained ankle and knee. Afterall, a 10-feet fall through a not-so-spacious elevator shaft could have wrecked a lot more damage.

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