napster-killedA former executive of Napster, Milton Everett Olin Jr., met with a tragic accident on Sunday after he was hit by a police car while he was on his bicycle, ending his life at that very instant itself. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department reported that the 65 year old Everett was cycling in the bike lane when he was hit by the unidentified deputy. Apparently, the policeman happened to be driving in the same direction that Everett was cycling in when the fateful accident happened on Mulholland Highway.

The Daily News reported that Olin ended up on the windshield, and the force of his landing managed to shatter the glass, before succumbing to his injuries later on. The driver, understandably, suffered from just minor injuries and was sent to a hospital later on for treatment. It remains to be seen just what the cause of the accident was. Another life cut short due to unforeseen circumstances. Don’t police cars have this special dashboard camera that records all that happens on the road in front of them? Is it so difficult to pull out such a recording and determine what the cause of the accident was, or is there something that is being covered up?

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