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Ex-Napster Executive Killed In Cycling Accident Involving Police Car
A former executive of Napster, Milton Everett Olin Jr., met with a tragic accident on Sunday after he was hit by a police car while he was on his bicycle, ending his life at that very instant itself. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department reported that the 65 year old Everett was cycling in the bike lane when he was hit by the unidentified deputy. Apparently, the policeman happened to […]

Video: Bar-Worker Falls Down Ten Foot Hole
Unattended and bare manholes on roadsides can be very dangerous if there are no warning signs accompanying them. Most of us don’t tend to look at our feet or at the ground all the time to be aware of a gaping hole if there is one on our way.Apparently, a bar worker shown in the video below makes the same careless mistake, only to meet an unfortunate accident. The man […]

BlackBerry service interruption made roads safer
While businesses and people had problems communicating and doing work over the past week due to the BlackBerry outage, at least there was something good to come out of it. According to reports from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the three-day disruption in BlackBerry services helped to save lives – by making the roads safer.

Another fire at Foxconn, no casualties reported
If there’s one manufacturing plant that can’t seem to get enough of the press, it’s got to be Foxconn. Famous for manufacturing the iPhone and the iPad, but at the same time it is infamous for its workers’ harsh working conditions, explosions and suicides. Today, Foxconn has made its way to the news again. Earlier this morning, the plant in Shandong, eastern China was reported to be on fire.Fortunately it […]


Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 mistakenly exchanged at Best Buy
About a week ago we reported that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 was up for pre-order at Best Buy. Unfortunately it was not specified as to when customers at Best Buy would be able to get their hands on the product, but if the reports are correct, it looks like the stock for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 has already arrived in Best Buy stores.

Cow squashes car after jumping over three foot fence
Hey Diddle Diddle – this time around, the bovine in question did not make the leap over the moon, but somehow did defy the law of gravity to a certain degree by clearing a three foot fence, squashing a car upon landing to boot. Yes sir, Robert’s Citroen C5 is a complete write off after his entire bonnet was dented, while the whole wheel broke after said cow “bounced” onto […]

Google’s self-driving car has its first accident
Uh oh. Google’s driverless car, the self-driving Prius has encountered its first ever accident – according to a photograph sent in to Jalopnik by a tipster who spotted the accident somewhere nearby Google’s Mountain View California headquarters. The photograph shows some people and a police officer observing the damage caused by Google’s vehicle – the car had rear-ended another car, which also happened to be a Prius. Initially thought to […]

Death app tells you about nearby deaths in your area
Part of a ghost hunting team and looking for new places to explore? Wish there was an app for that? Well, you’re actually in luck. The folks over at MobileNationHQ recently came up with something called the Death app. As part of a demonstration to show how easy it was to create an app using MobileNationHQ’s online app creator, the Death app was created in 8 hours and works on […]

BMW Crash-Severity Algorithm Analyzes Potential Injuries
It looks like BMW has been making the news quite a bit lately what with their app that analyzes your driving patterns to help build a better EV of tomorrow and now it looks like thanks to their algorithm that has been built into their cars, whenever a crash occurs, the car is able to analyze the severity of the crash and report the potential injuries to rescue teams who […]

Fire breaks out in an Intel plant, Arizona
Following the explosion that happened in Foxconn China a few weeks ago, another accident has broken out in a manufacturing plant – this time all the way on the other side of the world in an Intel plant in Arizona. The fire broke out earlier today in a support building next to an Intel fabrication facility. Fortunately only seven people were injured, with nobody killed. Only five had to go […]

The feds want black boxes in your cars too
According to a report from Wired, federal officials will be announcing next month that black boxes will be mandatory in all cars. Yes, the very same black boxes used by investigators to recreate the last few moments of a plane before it crashes will be a feature of our cars in the near future. The reason for the usage of black boxes? To eliminate the uncertainty of human witnesses in the […]

The iCarBlackBox lets you star in your own world’s wildest police videos
Ever been in a car accident and ended up paying for damages even though it wasn’t your fault? Wish you had a camera that recorded the whole accident as proof? Well now you can. The iCarBlackBox is an app designed to let you know who is right or wrong in the event of a car accident. It records the car’s speed, date and time, location, road location, and of course […]

Fire Reported At Foxconn Assembly Plant
Foxconn seems to be getting plenty of publicity lately, albeit not the kind that the company wants. After the many reports related to employee suicides, now rumor is going around that a fire broke out at one of the computer assembly plants. According to the rumors, about a dozen workers were injured, but they were treated inside the plant instead of being brought to a hospital, since the company is […]