If there is one thing about winter that some people hate, it would be the bitter cold – especially for those who tend to live higher up in the north, the depressing way the mercury remains at the bottom of the thermometer for months on end is certainly not a memory worth cherishing, especially when you consider how the cost of keeping yourself warm had risen over the years no thanks to higher energy prices and what not. Here is a concept that might just help you change your super thick wool socks into something thinner – the Warm Shoestring, where this pair of shoelaces are said to be constructed from a specialized fire-resistant material. When you plug Warm Shoestring into an adapter, temperature of the shoelaces will be regulated so that the string will help warm up your shoes.

Do take note though, when it is really cold, and your shoes are a nice and warm spot, some creatures such as scorpions might want to choose to reside in the inside of your shoes so you might want to do a double take before slipping your feet in. This concept does not seem to be closer to reality anytime soon – perhaps it is time for a visit to Kickstarter?

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