You know how you have some gadgets that you can shake in order to power it? Dubbed electromagnetic induction, this is a production of an electric current in a conductive element as it moves through a magnetic field, which in turn is used to generate power for the abovementioned gadgets. Apart from its rather novel value, does it have a place as an Apple-like feature? While currently used to power some flashlights and radios, a patent granted to Apple has revealed the Cupertino company’s plans to use this technology in their products in the future.

However unlike the more traditional method of electromagnetic induction, Apple’s version will use printed coils with moveable magnets, while the typical version is the opposite where a coil will move around a stationary magnet. According to the patent, it can be mounted onto a portable device with Apple’s iPod and iPhone used as examples. We’re not sure if we will ever see this “shake to charge” technology make its way onto the iPod or iPhone in the future, but what do you think? Just sounds like flying iPods and iPhones from hands waiting to happen!

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