It is safe to assume that Siri is a feature that Apple is very proud of, although at the moment it appears to be limited to just Apple’s iOS mobile devices. However given its ability to execute commands, take dictations, perform searches and whatnot, would it be a stretch of the imagination to think that maybe one day, Apple could bring Siri onto their Mac computers?

While it remains to be seen if they will, a recently discovered patent (via PatentlyApple) has revealed what appears to be plans to bring Siri onto Mac computers, along with the ability to control your iTunes using voice commands. Given the title of, “Electronic Devices with Voice Command and Contextual Data Processing Capabilities”, its description reads:

“The electronic device may process voice commands locally or voice commands processing may be performed remotely. For example, the electronic device may transmit one or more recorded voice commands and associated contextual information to computing equipment such as a desktop computer.


A media playback application on a computer such as the iTunes program of Apple Inc. may take an appropriate action in response to an uploaded voice command and associated contextual data. As an example, the media playback application may present a user with recommended songs for purchase. The songs that are recommended may be songs that are similar to the song that was playing on the electronic device when the user captured the audio clip voice command “find more like this.””

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Siri arrive on the Mac? Of course we hope that Apple smoothens out all the kinks in Siri for mobile first, but it’s an idea we’re not opposed to!

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