AT&T is among the official carriers of Apple’s iPhone 5 in the U.S. The new iPhone comes with 4G LTE support which would enable users for high-speed data sharing. However, LTE isn’t yet available as a connectivity option as widely as 3G in the U.S.

Wireless carriers such as AT&T and Sprint have been working on expanding their 4G LTE support, especially with the record-breaking sales that iPhone 5 has attracted. AT&T has now announced 4G LTE support for another ten major U.S. cities.

AT&T activated the high-speed connectivity option for these ten cities only last week, apparently in anticipation of the iPhone 5 availability on September 21st. iPhone 5 has turned out to be the fastest-selling device ever with AT&T, as the company recently announced.

The cities which are on the list include Cincinnati, Birmingham, Honolulu, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Fayetteville, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Sacramento and Seattle.

The carrier plans on activating 4G LTE in yet another 34 cities before this year expires. Interestingly, during the press release announcing the roll-out to ten new cities, AT&T made no mention of iPhone 5 and rather cited a number of Android devices as its 4G-capable offerings.

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