While Mass Effect 3 might have been launched with a ton of fanfare, unfortunately its ending has left many disappointed, perhaps even angry. BioWare has attempted to fix that but we guess the Mass Effect franchise did not end the way many gamers had expected. Then again, is it really over? While this is in no way a confirmation, BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn revealed on the BioWare blog that Mass Effect’s Executive Producer Casey Hudson and his team are currently exploring the possibility of a new Mass Effect game.


“But the Mass Effect universe is vast […] and Casey and our teams have plans for another full game. “Where to go next?” with such a project has been a question a lot of us have been asking, and we’d all love to hear your ideas.”

We’re not sure if this will be Mass Effect 4 and if it will be a prelude to the Mass Effect franchise, or maybe a post-Mass Effect 3 game, but either way what do you guys think? Do you think the Mass Effect franchise has been milked enough, or are you hoping that a new Mass Effect game will remove the “stain” of Mass Effect 3’s ending from your mind?

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