An Apple Store usually holds a whole lot of Apple devices, ranging from iPhones to iPads and Mac notebooks. The stores have become one of the key revenue streams for Apple since they contribute very significantly to Apple’s overall sales.

A new video has surfaced now which shows a BMW X5 crashing right into the front window of a California Apple Store. The hit is intentional as we can then see a person rushing to the tablets set with Apple devices in the store and stuffing his bag with the merchandise.

The video was captured by the cameras located within the store and is merely a week old. According to police, the BMW was crashed into the store by a 22-year old fellow named Equonne R. Howard. Apparently, Howard busted tow of his car’s tires while crashing into the store.

He tried fixing the busted tired but couldn’t, so he abandoned the vehicle about a mile from the Store. The interesting part is that he lost the car’s front license plate and eventually appeared at the crime scene, hoping to recover it discreetly. But he was spotted and arrested. The estimated amount of the damages caused to the Store during the burglary are $600,000.

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