Although Dropbox is predominantly known as a cloud storage service, it has also come about to be known as a file-sharing tool. File sharing using Dropbox accounts is not new and the company has been making encroaches into the social media with that feature.

Apparently, it has now partnered with the undisputed champion of the social media, Facebook, to bring Dropbox file sharing straight to Facebook Groups. The feature becomes available once you link your Dropbox account to your Facebook account.Naturally, it is a very useful feature. You simply have to choose a file from your Dropbox account and share it on a Facebook  Group through a few simple clicks. The option to share a file from your Dropbox is available at the top of the page on any Facebook Group.

Much like you upload a photo or video from your computer or mobile, you can append an article from Dropbox with a status update and and hit the ‘Post’ button. Moreover, if you make any edits to the original file in Dropbox, that would also show up on the Group where you’ve shared it.

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