Earlier this morning, we mulled over the possibility of a new iTunes 11 announcement, and it seems that the speculation was somewhat spot on the money, where iTunes was announced to come with a redesign. Apple touts to have 200 million iTunes cloud users, and on the back of that, the redesign should please the majority of them. After all, the new layout does seem to be easier on the eyes compared to its predecessor.


iTunes on desktop is on the receiving end of direct integration with iCloud. We do think that folks use iTunes on their computers not because they love to, but because there was not much choice if you wanted to dance to Apple’s tune. Having said that, the latest version of iTunes certainly makes the iTunes desktop experience a far more enjoyable one, at least according to what was revealed. Some folks might even throw allegations in Apple’s direction that this idea is a legacy of Zune’s software. What do you think?

Apart from that, the new iTunes allows you to browse the library “By Artists”, which must have been a long awaited feature. Artists can further get in touch with their fan base by sharing their photos, not bad, eh? Not only that, a mini player for iTunes is also introduced. The new iTunes will be out this late October after it hits iOS 6.

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