Now, a BMW that I can finally afford without having to sell off my firstborn – the Level 10 M gaming mouse that hails from Thermaltake and BMW Designworks USA. We talked about it earlier this year, and it seems that the Level 10 M gaming mouse has finally made the jump from concept to the real world. Just what kind of hardware do you think you can find underneath the chassis? We are looking at five programmable keys as well as a Z-key which allows you to select the corresponding gaming profile on the spot, sporting a default 5,000 DPI in its optical unit, although if the need arises and you have to cover more ground on the screen with the least amount of hand movement, you can always change that figure up to 8,200.

Aesthetically speaking, the Level 10 M gaming mouse does look as though it has out of this world performance – no idea if it will come with the tagline of “the ultimate mousing machine” or whether joy beckons, but definitely the holes drilled in the top of the mouse are not just there for aesthetic purposes, but rather to ensure you will continue to maintain a firm grip on it even if your palm sweats buckets during an intense gaming session. We are looking at a $100 price tag attached to the Level 10 M gaming mouse that boasts of a solid aluminum base and 3D Steering Axis Movement. Want to up your game with this puppy? Grab another look at the Level 10 M gaming mouse right after the jump. [Press Release]

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