Are there moments in time when you were using your smartphone, and it goes all wonky on you that you have half a mind to just bang it on the table out of sheer frustration? The only thing that stopped you was the fact that replacing the shiny device in your hand is going to burn another hole in your pocket that you cannot afford. Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, perhaps you might be interested in Microsoft’s latest patent that, to put it less mildly, bitch-slap your handset in order to keep it quiet. This is a legitimate way of releasing your frustrations on your handset without damaging it.


The patent application claims that you can “whack” your handset to turn it off, the thing is, will it turn off permanently since you have strength that is nearer to the Hulk’s? Hopefully the phones that carry this particular patent would be built tough enough so that they are able to take in all the future abuse that come their way.

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