Earlier this month, there was word that a Windows Phone 7.8 update will be arriving on current generation Nokia Lumias, but so far nothing has been confirmed just yet. Well, it has been revealed to us by Nokia that they will continue to offer Windows Phone 7 updates, as detailed by Boc Ly on Nokia’s official blog, “After introducing the first smartphones in the Nokia Lumia family to be built on Windows Phone 8, there is one message that needs to be made loud and clear: existing Lumia owners also have plenty to look forward to and are definitely not being left behind.”

Right now, there are some current Lumia owners who aren’t too happy that existing Lumia handsets will not be on the receiving end of Windows Phone 8 when it arrives, but at least there is a halfway upgrade in store – that is, Windows Phone 7.8 that will carry with it a bunch of key improvements and new apps. No idea on when the Windows Phone 7.8 updates will arrive though.

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