Robots seem to pervade every segment of our lives these days, and if you are one who loves to paint the town red each time the weekend beckons, then you would not go wrong with the Shimi personal robotic DJ. This is one nifty robot that relies on the cloud as well as smartphone voice commands in order to play music, and hopefully, rock your party. Trust startup company Tovbot to think of this particular idea, and Shimi is right now a Kickstarter project that will need the help of the masses in order to turn it into reality.

The creation of roboticists from Georgia Tech, MIT, and IDC, Shimi will make use of today’s prevalent smartphone technology in order to play music and select songs based on your taste or mood. It comes across as a cute and shiny robot who dances to entertain, and yet delivers a service which resembles Pandora in some ways. The final version will cost $199 if it is realized, but you can “invest” in it for $129 a pop.

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