Nearly a week ago, we talked about how Skype turned 9 – and just what other kinds of novel application can we see Skype being used for? Well, how about using the famous VoIP application to present your thesis via an online class? Doctorate student Michael Nkwenti Ndongfack in Cameroon attends his Open University Malaysia classes online, and has every intention of making a strong case for his final thesis over Skype.

Online learning is definitely not a new idea, and while it makes education far more accessible to the masses, there is nothing quite like being there in person on a campus, with real students and actual professors and lecturers to interact with. What do you think about learning online? I am quite sure that casual learning is fine, but I certainly would not want to place my life in the hands of a doctor who picked up his medical degree while performing operations remotely over the computer.

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