One might resign oneself to the fact of life that socks tend to miss their partners after a round of laundry, while at times, some of the design on the socks look way too similar to other pairs, that it is difficult to know just which sock is paired to up which. Samy Liechti of Blacksocks thinks that the has quite the innovative solution through the clever use of RFID chips on individual socks, and when used in tandem with a scanner and an iPhone app, you will be able to match up your socks to their respective partners after each trip to the laundry.

Known as ‘Smarter Socks’, whenever the sock is scanned, the iPhone app will actually display the history of the sock from the time it has been tagged via RFID, of course, with details ranging from the number of times it has been washed, the ID number, the partner for that particular sock, whether it is meant to be worn on the left or right, the date it was purchased, order date, the works! Good thing it is flexible enough to update the sock’s partner information just in case one of them goes missing. The Smarter Socks will cost $189 for a 10-pack, where it is accompanied by a scanner.

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