Both medics on the battlefield as well as army doctors can be said to be professional colleagues, although it is by no means a stretch of the imagination to figure out who has the more “exciting” operation theater to work in. Medics tend to be thrown into situations where wounded soldiers require urgent and immediate attention where a trained surgeon would come in handy, and said surgeon would be able to better do his job once he has gotten hold on the background of the injury and the subsequent medical details in order to dispense with the proper care. Apart from that, triaging multiple injuries in the field through the decision of who will ride the medevac first could be improved further if doctors at the field hospital have a better idea on what the wounded’s status is. This is why the US Army wants to develop a system which is capable of managing patient data from injury site to recovery, where it will include delivering live audio/video communication for medics in the field.

It will definitely need to fall back upon a range of devices as well as 4G cellular networking in order to send vitals to communicate with the doctor, with everything being said recorded for further review. Have you ever wondered whether a similar system could be transposed for use in everyday, civilian life, where ambulances and clinics can “talk” to one another while en route? Hopefully the US Army will get everything figured out, and the sooner, the better.

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